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My name is Alejandro. I am a content marketer for several successful and fast-growing companies in California.
I’m also a contributor to various renowned websites that have published my articles, covering diverse topics like legal tech, business, finance, family, divorce, fashion, and entertainment.
While it’s impossible for me to take every client, I’m eager to talk about your project and discuss how content marketing, Facebook Marketing, SEO and editorial backlinks are making an impact in your niche.

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I enjoy coding and developing web applications, currently, I’m building a Spanish language legal marketplace with my friend Darien Alonso. I also take occasional Web Design projects and act as a Webmaster and SEO for a small group of successful businesses.

My blog, podcasts, and videos focus on topics like business, SaaS, product marketing, legaltech, companies I work for: a legal directory, legal crowdfunding site and a site for price transparency in the legal industry.

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