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I help business owners get more clients through SEO and pay ads like Google PPC and Facebook Ads. I love working together with other business owners who are eager to use content marketing and social media to grow their business and Return on Investment (ROI).

Google Ads

👍 Google Ads allows you to create predictable leads at a cost you can control.

👍 With Google Ads, you are placed at the top of the search results right away, together with competitors who have been in business much longer than you.

👍 Google ads campaigns are intent-based. It allows you to target with precision the potential customers who are ready to buy your products or services now!

👍 Google Ads has a broad reach. You can reach potential customers through Google’s search results, Youtube videos, and display ads.

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👍 Pay nothing for getting leads through the organic search results.

👍 Enjoy the authority that comes with having a great ranking and showing above your competitors on the Map and the organic search results.

👍 Better ROI than Google Ads, Facebook Ads and any other marketing strategy.

👍 Great way to grow your business and perfect to combine this strategy with Google Ads.

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Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram Ads

👍 Optimize your Facebook and Instagram Ads by testing things like: Audience, Placement, Ad Copy, Ad Creative and the Call to Action.

👍 Create LookaLike Audiences to expand your reach and show your ads to people who are just like your best clients.

👍 Retargeting campaigns will allow you to keep targetting potential customers who have interacted with your ads, at a very low cost.

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My publications on the web

I enjoy coding and developing web applications, currently, I’m building a Spanish language legal marketplace with my friend Darien Alonso. I also take occasional Web Design projects and act as a Webmaster and SEO for several successful and fast-growing companies in California.

My blog, podcasts, and videos focus on topics like business, advertising, education and my family.

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Web Design or Marketing Project
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Whether we are creating a new website, or planning a new advertising campaign, the journey we’re about to embark on is a big undertaking! In our experience, thoroughly planning out a project makes everything go more quickly and more smoothly.

One on One Review

I will perform a video review of your website and other marketing channels and give you actionable tips that can help you inprove your online presence and sales.

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