Hire a creative agency with experience running advertising in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Miami.

Alex Uria
Advertising Director

Alex’s insightful leadership has guided us from a pioneer to the vanguard agency it is today. He is truly bicultural. His passion for advertising excellence, creative brilliance, and our clients’ growth and profitability is infectious.

Ailiene Valdivia
Social Media Strategist

Ailienne has a B.A. in Public Relations and Online Media from Gonzaga University. She is a Social Media Strategist with 5 years of experience managing platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Eddy Ruiz
Creative Media Director

Eddy has a 10-year background in video, print media, and online media production. Businesses love working with him to improve their branding and create better graphics for channels like Social Media and YouTube.

Matthew Fresolone

Matthew’s written work has millions of online views, tens of thousands of engagements, and never ceases connecting customers to brands. He loves using narrative to inform and influence an audience, no matter the medium

Luis Palomo
SEO Specialist

Luis’s motivation to stay on top of the Search Engine algorithm updates and past experience with ranking websites in very competitive niches make him a real asset for our agency and all our clients.

Our Locations

Learn about us – What makes an outstanding creative agency!

Alex Uria Creative Agency has helped local, San Diego-based businesses score rankings on Page 1 of Google’s SERP for their targeted search terms. We aim to get your business high ROI and build long, lasting customer relationships. 

Alex Uria, the Agency’s Founder and CEO, understands all corners of the business, because he, himself, has spent years honing those skills. With a comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to elevate a local business, he can zoom-in and zoom-out of a website design, social media campaign, and marketing campaign to make sure all the pieces are made well and fit together perfectly.

We begin by learning your business from the inside out, asking the right questions to construct the brand image you wish to project. With a consistent brand identity in place, we then help your business expand by conducting a top-down website redesign, creating original content, and working to target a customer segment through SEO and a coordinated social media campaign.

Agency Values

  • Commitment to Customers
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ethics & Honesty
  • Adaptability

At Alex Uria Creative Agency, we adhere to core values that drive our operations. In our business, it makes more sense to build long-term, trusting partnerships with our clients, built on goodwill. To keep us on-track, we have a moral framework that encourages honesty, versatility, and faithful service to customers.