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Less Well Known Citation Sites for Attorneys & Law Firms

local seo citations

Why building citations for attorneys and Lawyers is a good practice for SEO? Bulding citations for attorneys and Law Firms can give you a major booster on your Google rankings. Legal directories can provide a backlink from the lawyer profile to his/her website which passes link juice and helps your SEO. 1-Benefits you receive from […]

Hispanic Media Marketing pros and cons to consider

Media buyers are extremely optimistic about the future of Hispanic media. They predict a lot of growth in ad spending, especially on mobile, and they say it’s often easier to buy than English-language media. Plus, over the past two years advertisers have really come on board with the idea of targeting Hispanics though well-planned campaigns […]

How to target bilingual and biculturals Latinos in the USA

Advertisers often alienate first- and second-generation Hispanics When we say the word Hispanics, we’re lumping a large, diverse range of people into one very narrow group. Though Hispanics do share a common ethnicity, their experiences and history are quite different, and understanding that is a key part of putting together an effective media plan to […]

Translate Law Firm website from English to Spanish Language

Translate English web page to Spanish

Coming 2019, marketers need to understand how to write web copy in Spanish and understand how to reach the Latino audience effectively. A simple translation of a website from English to Spanish without understanding first the Hispanic community’s characteristics is not enough. Now we are not saying that you shouldn’t translate your English web pages […]