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Our Local SEO Agency Approach

Our operation is designed to improve your website to boost your online rankings, ultimately raising your business’ visibility.

Our team has expert members for each area that affects SEO:
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The agency’s in-house web designer will design your web and landing pages, then optimize for maximum conversion. Our copywriters and Technical SEO Specialist will coordinate to target the best keywords to improve your position every month.

SEO vs Google Ads

Website Design

  • It’s estimated that by 2025, 73% of internet users will access the internet solely via mobile devices.

Clients use their mobiles devices to search for nearly anything imaginable, like products, services, reviews, businesses, shopping, et al. All of these searches are opportunities to establish marketing funnels that send traffic to your website.

From there, your site should be able to convince a visitor to click on a mobile click-to-call button or fill out a form.

We begin every SEO campaign with a complete website redesign to ensure, from the ground up, that your website meets best practices. Your site should provide the most intuitive user experience: it should be fast, secure (using an SSL certificate), mobile-optimized, clear call to action, easy navigations, internal linking, etc.

Google My Business (GMB) / Google Maps

We give special priority to ranking our clients among the top 3 positions of the Google Maps listings for their local area.

Business citations and references can make a significant impact on your website’s local SEO and position within the Maps. All of your business’ core information must stay consistent everywhere it’s mentioned.

That’s why we use a specialized tool to scan your company’s appearances across the internet.  We’re able to detect any inconsistencies with your Name, Address, or Phone Number on any directories where your business is listed. This way, not only will we correct inaccurate information, but we’ll also be strengthening your digital image.

In-House Editors & Publishers

Other Chula Vista SEO agencies have found it easier to cut corners by hiring copywriters from abroad, where rates are lower and experience scant.

Our agency hires experienced, native-English speakers because we understand that content is the backbone of a powerful SEO campaign. We give your content the importance it deserves to ride the SERP algorithms, sure—but also to forge a meaningful connection to potential customers.

We will write 1000+ words for each services page your website requires. Additionally, we can create fresh, attention-grabbing content every month in the form of blog posts, written by our skilled in-house copywriters who hold English Majors.

On-Site SEO & Reporting

We optimize every page to make sure it targets the correct keyword. We also take the time to perfect elements like page title, meta description, h1 and h2 tags, image alt tags, content length, internal linking, and more.

Ahref is our go-to SEO tool for comprehensive SEO analysis. Not only does it give us a list of everything that needs to be fixed on your website, but it also gives insight as to what competitors’ sites look like. This way, our team can reverse-engineer other successful SEO campaigns to get you the best of the best for your business!