How to Turn Off Google Ads Call Reporting and Use Your Business Real Phone Number?

A business owner recently asked me how to stop Google Ads from swapping their actual business phone number with Google call reporting number. The issue is that when you create a Google Ads Search Campaign, Google will show a random phone number that redirects the calls to the business phone number. For questions: call me […]

How To Rank A Brand New Website On Google?

Today we will answer a question that many new business owners have, how can you rank a new website on the front page of Google? This isn’t easy if you have a brand new website. Still, there are a couple of things we can do that I guarantee you, if you do them correctly and […]

Monthly Marketing (SEO) Price – Sample Proposal for a Business in San Diego

AU - Website Pic

Many clients wonder how much is a monthly marketing plan or how much is it for a monthly SEO plan in San Diego. The price for each one varies, not only from agency to agency but even within the same agency. In my case, I need to consider a few things to create a proposal […]

Steps to get started with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook Instagram Ads

Many people ask me about Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads. They are, for the most part, curious about how the ads work. I also hear many objections when it comes to starting a new Social Media Paid Ads campaign. Usually, people say: “I don’t use Facebook,” or “I don’t use Instagram,” or “I don’t want […]

Landing page optimization tips for Google and Facebook Ads.

landing page optimization

If you are running a Google Ads campaign (PPC) or a Facebook/Instagram campaign that drives traffic to your website, the landing page optimization must be one of your top priorities.  Google Ads Landing Page 🔥 How to build a landing page for a campaign The website/landing page optimization is even more important if it’s a […]