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Google Ads for Jumper Rentals, Inflatable Rental, Party Rental Company

jumper rental google ads campaign

I’m running a campaign, a Google Ads campaign for a jumper rental company. If you’re wondering the type of results that you can get when you promote a jumper rental company to Google Ads, then I’m going to show you on this video. When I refer to jumper rentals I’m referring to companies that do […]

List your business on major map and voice search platforms

Are you a business owner in San Diego who works mainly with local clients? I wanted to bring to your attention something that could get you the most results with the least amount of investment. Map listing is becoming more critical for local businesses like yours who work with local clients. Therefore, you must start […]

How to Turn Off Google Ads Call Reporting and Use Your Business Real Phone Number?

A business owner recently asked me how to stop Google Ads from swapping their actual business phone number with Google call reporting number. The issue is that when you create a Google Ads Search Campaign, Google will show a random phone number that redirects the calls to the business phone number. For questions: call me […]

How To Rank A Brand New Website On Google?

Today we will answer a question that many new business owners have, how can you rank a new website on the front page of Google? This isn’t easy if you have a brand new website. Still, there are a couple of things we can do that I guarantee you, if you do them correctly and […]

Why is my Google Ads not getting conversions? 


Your Google Ads campaign is not getting enough conversions. Let’s see what the cause may be and how to fix it 🤔. 👁️ A conversion is something that you define when you set up your campaign. It may be: Phone call Contact form submission Sale through your e-commerce store Directions to your business A visitor […]