Lista Legal Highlights

Access to Justice. One thing that makes ListaLegal stand out from other online legal
directories is its commitment to help Spanish speakers connect with attorneys who may
otherwise have a difficult time finding an attorney for their legal needs. Most clients who visit
ListaLegal are actively seeking an attorney. While it’s most popular pages help connect
consumers to immigration and family law attorneys, it is a directory for attorneys of all practice
Spanish web design services. ListaLegal offers a specific web design service to create and
translate your website from English to Spanish. It can create a professional and mobile
responsive Spanish website that works with, mirrors, or stands alone from your site in English. It
can also help you create content, like blog posts, in Spanish to populate your new Spanish
Free to use. ListaLegal is free to use for both consumers and attorneys. It does not charge for
listings and is not a referral service, so when a potential client connects with you, there are no
hidden charges. Instead, ListaLegal makes its money from