Google Ads for Jumper Rentals, Inflatable Rental, Party Rental Company

jumper rental google ads campaign

I’m running a campaign, a Google Ads campaign for a jumper rental company. If you’re wondering the type of results that you can get when you promote a jumper rental company to Google Ads, then I’m going to show you on this video.

When I refer to jumper rentals I’m referring to companies that do the inflatables, the water slides, the obstacles, all sorts of inflatable jumpers for party rentals or kids, for people who want to have a party at their home or church or other the park. Running Google Ads campaigns for this kind of business is very, very profitable. I’m actually doing it for a client in San Diego, California where we have a really, really good conversion rate. What conversions means is that they get a lot of clients for the money they spent.

jumper rental google ads campaign
jumper rental google ads campaign

In a month, they spent $2,000. From those $2,000 they get around 514 requests to rent a jumper or an inflatable or a water slide. It turns out that it costs them around $4 per conversion. This is really good. When you multiply the number of people who are requesting it and you rent it for say $120 that’s how much profit, how much money you can make.

For example, 500 in this case, let’s say out of all the requests we got 514 requests. Let’s say that out of that only 350 ended up renting, times $145 average that it costs to rent the jumper that’s $50,000 and they only spent $2,000 to get this amount of conversions, this amount of people coming to the website and putting a request for a rental.

If you’re running a business for a jumper rental company, an inflatable company, you really want to start looking into Google Ads because it’ll give you a big advantage. Even more so if you’re in Los Angeles, if you’re in North County, if you are in Inland Empire in California then you could definitely kill your competition. Or even if you don’t kill your competition, you could make a really good living in the Jumper Rental Company industry and promoting it with Google Ads campaigns.

The beauty of a Google Ads campaign is that you don’t have to do SEO to optimize your campaign and be on the front page. You can actually just spend a little bit of money, it doesn’t have to be $2,000. You can get started with $500, for example and then start getting requests from people to rent your jumpers. Google Ads is definitely something that’s going to help you get started right away.

My name is Alex Uria. This is what I do for a living. I manage businesses’ Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, and manage their ads so that I can bring them more clients, more phone calls and more sales. Give me a call anytime, 833-932-7483 / (833)WEBSITE.

I speak Spanish. También hablo Español, por favor llámenme si tienen cualquier pregunta sobre cómo hacer una campaña en Google Ads o Facebook o Instagram para su negocio.

Google ads or running ads for the company, whether it’s a jumper rental company or any other type of business that wants to generate more sales. I look forward to talking to you.