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Create predictable leads at a cost you can control.

We offer Google Ads (PPC) Management for companies in San Diego. Start generating predictable leads at a cost that you can control. Google Ads (PPC) and Google Local Services (if applicable to your niche) are the fastest ways to get phone calls and leads right away.

👍 Google Ads allows you to create predictable leads at a cost you can control.

👍 With Google Ads, you are placed at the top of the search results right away, together with competitors who have been in business much longer than you.

👍 Google ads campaigns are intent-based. It allows you to target with precision the potential customers who are ready to buy your products or services now!

👍 Google Ads has a broad reach. You can reach potential customers through Google’s search results, Youtube videos, and display ads.

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Google Ads Landing Page 🔥 How to build a landing page for a campaign

👍 What is a landing page?

👍 What are the different type of landing page builders? And why I prefer to use WordPress drag and drop builders.

👍 Can you use the homepage of your website as the landing page where the campaign sends traffic?

👍 Message match. Why the message on the landing page has to be a continuation of the offer inside your ad.

👍 Why to do A/B split testing with your landing page?

👍 What if you have optimized your landing page but you are still not getting conversions.

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SEO vs Google Ads

Most of the businesses that get started with online advertising are concerned with how they spend their money.

They don’t have the largest budget, so they need to decide wisely in which channel they will spend their money.

Two of the most common advertising strategies that new and established businesses use are SEO and Google Ads.

That brings us to today’s questions:
Which is better, SEO or PPC (Google Ads). Should we be doing SEO that brings Organic traffic, or should we do Paid Marketing strategy like PPC (Google Ads)?

We will answer this question in this video and understand how SEO works based on three essential points:

  1. User Experience
  2. Branding
  3. Technical SEO