Google My Business & Maps SEO

We use Google My Business to make your business accessible to anyone who googles it! As long as someone searches the proper target keywords, handy info about your company will appear on the right side of the page—right where the eyes glide!

  • 49% of Businesses Receive >1,000 Views on Search per Month1

What this means: It should be every business’ goal to rank as high as possible in Google search results. The exposure it grants a business is unparalleled—and it’s essentially free of charge. No pay-per-click, no paid ads; just professional knowledge and manipulation of Google’s ranking algorithms.

When customers see your Google My Business entry in the SERPs, they see links to the official website, phone number, address, reviews, hours, reviews.

Not only is this useful information for anyone considering your business, but they are all vectors to convert your customers!


Positive reviews are crucial for any business in 2021, especially a local business. Not only do reviews factor into Google’s search rankings, but they also influence consumer decision-making. Positive reviews reflect a trusting relationship with your current customers, as well as build confidence among prospective customers.

In fact, 88% of online shoppers trust online reviews and recommendations1,  

  • 60% of Smartphone Users Have Contacted a Business Directly Using the Search Results Such as the “Click to Call” option1.

Why is this? GMB puts your business at the premier placement on a SERP and attaches handy links for customers to instantly reach out. Google My Business allows maximum engagement and dramatically optimizes your sales funnel.  

  • 5% of Google My Business Views Result in a Website Click, Call, or Direction Request1

Five percent may seem small, but engagement is a home run for any business—and all it takes is a vague “near me” or keyword-search! Any business is good business, so why not make your customer outreach more efficient?  

GMB also gives stats on your listing’s performance. Using the metrics, we can A/B test your listing info and sharpen it for maximum ROI. Leave nothing to chance in your journey for customer outreach!

Alex Uria Creative Agency can make sure every field of your GMB listing is filled with accurate information and arranged to provoke engagement.

For example: businesses with photos rank higher on Google results. So, our in-house Photographer can stage and capture photos of your business to boost your profile and entice customers. Our experienced content creators know how to frame spaces to look more aesthetically-pleasing, not to mention show off your business’ amenities.


San Diego SEO Services makes it a goal to rank our clients among the top 3 positions of Google Maps listings for their local area.

To get you there, we pull out all the stops to optimize your website’s local SEO.

This involves checking all mentions and references to your business on the internet. All of your business’ core information should stay consistent everywhere it’s mentioned online.

And so, we use a specialized tool to scan your company’s appearances across the internet.  We’re able to detect any inconsistencies with your Name, Address, or Phone Number on any directories where your business may appear.

This way, not only are we strengthening your SEO, but we’re also correcting any inaccurate information that could delay customers from finding your services.

  • 50% of “Near Me” Google Searches Performed Via Mobile Result in a Store Visit.1

If we set up your GMB profile, your business can show up on “near me” searches—giving you the green light to lead customers towards an in-store visit. Ranking on Google Maps listings is priceless for any customer-facing enterprise.

This is a process of collaboration: We work on perfecting your Google Maps SEO by providing the search engine valuable information about your business to the last detail. This involves consulting with the client on various day-to-questions, such as: Where does your business service; What are your hours; What keywords are relevant to your business?

Between our CEO, SEO Technician, and the Client’s Head of Operations, we form a solid chain of communication to answer every last question that Google uses to rank your business among its highest organic map listings.