Hispanic Marketing in Houston

Advertising in Spanish for Houston and all the major cities in Texas

Nowadays there are numeral ways to communicate. The Internet has made it possible to conduct business with people in your local areas or all the way across the world. However the competition online is fierce, and the consumer has so many options now that they can take their time and make sure they hire the product or service to their best interest.

Advertisers who use many different channels in Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube have a bigger chance at reaching their audience but marketing has shifted so much that it’s not enough to have the consumer see your ad, if you are targeting the Hispanic community your message has to be crafted to their unique characteristics, when you understand what makes them unique, their values and speak their language, you ad copy or marketing message has a much higher change of converting and turning visitors into clients.

But how do you find time to research and learn how to create an effective marketing campaign in Spanish or even English but targeting the Latinos community? That’s where one of our agents in Houston for Spanish Marketing can help.

spanish marketing houstonRoberto Herrera –  Spanish Marketing Consultant in Houston, TX

My name is Roberto Herrera. I am originally from El Salvador, I have worked for over 20 years studying the Hispanic market and understanding how to create marketing campaigns in Spanish that work. I’m your Spanish Marketing  specialist for Harbor East Downtown, East Houston, Fairbanks , Glenbrook Valley, Kingwood, North Shore, Northside, South Park, Sunnyside and surrounding Houston communities. So many years in the sales and online marketing industry working with Latinos have made me specialized in creating custom spanish advertising campaigns that help small and big businesses grow and attract more clients.

I become a partner for my clients, my honesty, my integrity and my experience is something that helps me gain the trust of the businesses in Houston that we help at Spanish Marketing. Contact me if you are looking for a marketer with hands of experience working with this Hispanic community.