Landing page optimization tips for Google and Facebook Ads.

landing page optimization

If you are running a Google Ads campaign (PPC) or a Facebook/Instagram campaign that drives traffic to your website, the landing page optimization must be one of your top priorities. 

Google Ads Landing Page 🔥 How to build a landing page for a campaign

The website/landing page optimization is even more important if it’s a sales page aiming to get conversions -phone calls, messages, sales, form submissions, etc.

I particularly don’t like to drive the campaign traffic to the website’s homepage, but instead, I always create a separate landing page that’s fully optimized to get the type of leads I want.

There are many tools available online to create a landing page. We will not cover them in this article, but feel free to message me if you want me to send you a list of examples.

For my clients and my projects, I typically build the landing page using a WordPress drag and drop builder, unless the website is not built using WordPress, in which case I prefer to custom-build the landing page myself.

Some landing page optimization points you want to check when you are working on making improvements to your campaign are the following: 👇

  • Fast enough so that the potential client doesn’t have to wait for the page to load.
  • Clearly defined call to actions that reflect what’s going to happen next: a phone call, a chat conversation, a contact form, etc.
  • Show images, videos, and copy that’s specific and closely related to the ad copy and the key phrases that the visitor was searching for.
  • Show social proof, testimonials, anything that helps with gaining the trust of the potential client.
  • Don’t have links to any other internal or external pages of the website. This may cause the visitor to get distracted from the Call to Action and lose his/her attention.

What else is essential for your landing page to bring new leads?

1-You must have great keywords, bottom of the funnel keywords that show the user’s intent. 

👁️ This will be attracting the right kind of people.

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2-You must have compelling ads. The campaign settings must be set up for the correct audience, interests, geographic areas, and placement.

👁️ This will get you clicks.

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If you show your ads to precisely the right people, and they are also clicking on it, what else is missing to get them as clients? You guessed it, a properly optimized landing page using the points listed above.

Once your landing page is up and running, keep testing different versions. 

For example, you can test things like: 👇

  • Call to action
  • Images, Videos
  • Copy

If you have two different versions of your landing page, split your campaign traffic in two, and track your conversions to see which version of the landing page brings more leads.