Monthly Marketing (SEO) Price – Sample Proposal for a Business in San Diego

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Many clients wonder how much is a monthly marketing plan or how much is it for a monthly SEO plan in San Diego. The price for each one varies, not only from agency to agency but even within the same agency.

In my case, I need to consider a few things to create a proposal that makes sense for the client.

This video covers the different price structure and price range that you can expect to pay for SEO services.

I share the numbers based on 1) What I charge my clients at my advertising agency, 2) What clients have told me that they paid other SEO agencies and 3) My experience working as an SEO and conducting marketing search (which translate to: calling other SEO companies and asking them how much they charge).

Here are the three most typical answers you will get: 1-Monthly retainer for ongoing SEO services: $1500 to $3500 for local SEO. 2-Hourly rate: $150 to $275 for local SEO 3-One time flat rate: $500 to $2000. (This is a very limited scope of work and doesn’t take care of many aspects of SEO)

Bonus tip: Watch the video to the end to find out the cost for other type of internet marketing campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Generally, I start by doing an industry competitors research and answer questions like these, in no particular order:

  • How big of the population and the area that you want to target with your campaign?
  • Is there a demand for your products and services online?
  • How competitive is your niche?
  • How close are you to the top competitors in your area?
  • How many results will you be getting if we can do a good job with your website ranking?

Once I get answers to those questions, then I can create a detailed monthly marketing proposal that includes everything: SEO, Google Ads (PPC), Web Design, Google My Business management, and Social Media Management.

Here is a little background on my company and why I structure the services and price the services the way I do.

Many agencies say they specialize in one thing and even charge a lot of money because they say it’s their specialty.

The truth is, those agencies are charging a lot of money only because they feel like it. Some individuals have a big ego and give you a number that makes no sense. They don’t even know how to explain why they are charging the price they are charging.

Besides not having any idea or science behind what they charge for SEO, they don’t offer the best experience for you as a client. 

If you are a business trying to grow online and start working with this SEO agency, now you will have to find a Google Ads agency to manage your PPC, then you will have to find a Web Design agency to manage your website. You, as a client, will be much better served if you can manage all your online marketing under one roof.

So what do I do? I offer my clients a better experience by managing all five things in-house: SEO, Google Ads (PPC), Web Design, Google My Business, and Social Media. 

They all go hand in hand and play an essential factor in how well your business performs online, so it makes no sense to have each one managed by a different agency.

I always try to over-deliver for my clients. I say that I’m going to do WYZ, but I always do XYZ and W and much more.

We help most clients with photography, video production, hosting, and many more things that are not part of the marketing campaign.

We do those extra tasks for free most of the time because they are crucial to the campaign’s performance and critical to bring the client an ROI as soon as possible.

We do so much more because I know that If I can bring that client a good ROI from month one, and then grow their ROI every month after that, he or she will be a client forever, that business will continue to use our services and pay us every single month without complaint.

Here is the email I drafted today and send to a potential client:

Subject: SEO Proposal for Company Name (today’s date)

Hi [Client Name], here is a proposal based on the competitors’ search I conducted and the current position of your website on Google Maps, organic search results, and the Google Ads (PPC) campaign management. 

Marketing Proposal 

  • Google My Business weekly updates and management
  • Facebook page weekly management
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website monthly management and optimization (run updates, improve speed, mobile design, call to action, etc.)
  • Building new directory listings and backlinks to the website
  • Blogging (1 professionally written blog per week)
  • Google Ads (PPC) campaign weekly management and optimization
  • Monthly executive report to compare the progress we are making in comparison to previous months.
  • Zoom call to go over the report and marketing KPIs (key performance indicators)

Price $1500


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