Referrals, Facebook Ads, SEO vs. Google Ads 📈.

facebook ads, seo, google ads

Referrals, Facebook Ads, SEO vs. Google Ads 📈.

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referrals vs google ads
1️⃣ Referrals are not scalable or predictable.

👍 Google Ads allows you to create predictable leads at a cost you can control.

seo vs google ads

2️⃣ SEO may take years to get you on page one of Google.

👍 With Google Ads, you are placed at the top of the search results right away, together with competitors who have been in business much longer than you.

facebook vs google ads

3️⃣ Facebook Ads is overpriced and crowded with kids who claim they can run a successful ads campaign.

👍 Google ads campaigns are intent-based. It allows you to target with precision the potential customers who are ready to buy your products or services now!

👍 Google Ads has a broad reach. You can reach potential customers through Google’s search results, Youtube videos, and display ads.

google ads cost

Let us know what’s your preferred marketing channel to scale your business 🤔 ?

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