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We manage the SEO services for some of the most popular businesses in San Diego.

I guarantee you, if you are local to San Diego, you must have heard of at least one of our clients. Maybe a contractor, a medical spa, a plumbing company, a lawyer, or a jumper rental company.

When we partner with a business to manage their SEO and Digital Marketing campaign, we make sure that driving results for their business is front and central to everything we do.

Benefits of SEO Services for a business in San Diego:

👍 Pay nothing for getting leads through the organic search results.

👍 Enjoy the authority that comes with having a great ranking and showing above your competitors on the Map and the organic search results.

👍 Better ROI than Google Ads, Facebook Ads and any other marketing strategy.

👍 Great way to grow your business and perfect to combine this strategy with Google Ads.

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SEO vs Google Ads

Most of the businesses that get started with online advertising are concerned with how they spend their money.

They don’t have the largest budget, so they need to decide wisely in which channel they will spend their money.

Two of the most common advertising strategies that new and established businesses use are SEO and Google Ads.

That brings us to today’s questions:
Which is better, SEO or PPC (Google Ads). Should we be doing SEO that brings Organic traffic, or should we do Paid Marketing strategy like PPC (Google Ads)?

We will answer this question in this video and understand how SEO works based on three essential points:

  1. User Experience
  2. Branding
  3. Technical SEO

Our Approach to SEO

Our approach to SEO is to make each member of our team use their expertise to improve your website for each one of the areas that impact your online rankings.

You will have a web designer work on optimizing your website and landing pages. Copywriters and the technical SEO person will work as a team to target the right keywords and improve your position every month.

Website Design

Clients use their mobile devices to search for products, services, reviews, businesses, and shopping. Ultimately all your marketing funnels should be sending the traffic to your website.

It’s up to your website to establish trust and convince a potential customer to click on a mobile click-to-call button or fill out a form.

We start every new SEO campaign with a complete website redesign. Making sure that your website meets best practices and provides the best user experience: it’s fast, secure (using an SSL certificate), mobile-optimized, clear call to action, easy navigations, internal linking, etc.

Google My Business (GMB) / Google Maps

We pay special attention to ranking our clients on the top 3 positions of the Google Maps listings for their local area.

Business citations can make a significant impact on your website’s local SEO and position within the Maps. All of your business core information must stay consistent everywhere that your name is mentioned. 

We use a tool inside our website to scan your company online and check any inconsistencies with your Name, Address, or Phone number on any of the directories where your business is listed.

In-house Editors and Publishers

Other San Diego SEO companies like to cut corners and hire copywriters from abroad; they produce content that doesn’t sound natural because it was written by people who speak English as a second language.

Content is the backbone of an SEO campaign. That’s why we give it the importance it deserves. 

We will write 1000+ words for each one of your services pages your website needs. We will also create fresh content every month in the form of blog posts, written by our in-house copywriters who hold an English Major. 

On-Site SEO and Reporting

We optimize every page to make sure it targets the correct keyword and fix things like the page title, meta description, use of h1 and h2 tags, image alt tags, content length, internal linking, and more.

Ahref is our favorite SEO tool for this task. It gives us a list of everything that needs to be fixed on your website, but it also gives us insights into what other competitors are doing, allowing our team to reverse engineer their SEO campaign.