Tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign.

How to reduce the cost and maximize the number of leads? Using Google’s language, “Maximize Conversions.”

Whenever you set up your Google Ads campaign, you must define what’s your objective, the goal of the campaign:

Some examples are:

  • Phone calls.
  • Form submissions.
  • Sales through the website.
  • More traffic to your website.
  • Directions to your physical store.

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1st Tip to Optimize your Google Ads

We must tell Google which one is our objective. If you set your objective to be “More traffic to your store,” you may get a lot of traffic, but you may not get many phone calls, or sales, or any other type of leads.

If the conversions you want are phone calls, form submissions, or sales through your website, we must set our objective to “Maximize Conversions.”

For Google’s algorithm to work correctly, we must set up conversion tracking. We can do this through Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics.


2nd Tip to Optimize your Google Ads

When you first get started creating your campaign for the first time, you are guided through the steps for creating a Smart Campaign.

Smart Campaigns use a very basic interface for creating a super simple Google ads campaign in which Google manages all the settings for you.

My advice is to get away from this type of campaign. There is a link at the bottom that reads “Switch to Expert Mode.”

Expert Mode is what most advertising agencies will use to create a Google Ads campaign. It’s more challenging to set up than the Smart Campaign because you will control all your campaign settings.

When in doubt, go on Youtube. There are many video tutorial about how to optimize a Google Ads campaign, starting with our channel:


3rd Tip to Optimize your Google Ads

Use as many exclusions as necessary, remove everything that’s not working for your campaign and concentrate on generating quality leads.

Locations: review your location settings. If your campaign is getting traffic from a city or zip code where you know, you will not receive quality leads or clients, block that location from your campaign.

Sex: if you are targetting both men and women, but you know that most of your products are purchased by women, go ahead and block men from seeing your campaign.

Keywords: review your search phrases inside your campaign. It would be best if you moved some of these phrases to the Negative keywords list.

When you go through the search phrases, you will realize that some of them are bringing you poor quality traffic or traffic from people whose intent is not to purchase from you because they are looking only for free information.

Device placement: if most of your past customers who found you and purchased your products and services did so using a mobile device, it might be wise to reduce the bidding on desktops and tablets and increase your bidding on mobile devices only.


4th Tip to Optimize your Google Ads

Use long-tail keywords as opposed to using more generic keywords.

When setting up your keywords, try to concentrate on keywords that show the customer’s intent to purchase your products or services.

Go through the keywords list and do this:

  • Pause or remove keywords with a low quality score.
  • Pause or remove keywords that are very generic and have a high cost per click.
  • Add new long-tail keywords that show the user’s intent.


5th Tip to Optimize your Google Ads

Use all the extensions available to your campaign and your business.

Extensions help you increase the real estate of your ads in the search results.

The bigger your ads, the higher the chances that a potential customer will click on your ad.

Google provides a lot of different type of extensions like:

Phone number: make it easy for your visitors to click to call you.

Sitelinks: links to the most relevant areas of your website that you want customers to visit.

Address: display the address of your store so that customers can get directions.

These five ideas will help you save money and maximize the number of leads you get from your Google Ads campaign.

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