Translate Law Firm website from English to Spanish Language

Translate English web page to Spanish

Coming 2019, marketers need to understand how to write web copy in Spanish and understand how to reach the Latino audience effectively. A simple translation of a website from English to Spanish without understanding first the Hispanic community’s characteristics is not enough.
Now we are not saying that you shouldn’t translate your English web pages to Spanish, we are saying that you need to go beyond that. Here are a few tactics that advertisers can implement to be successful creating a Spanish-language website:

1-Setup the Spanish website independent from your English one. You can have a link on the English website directing users to the Spanish version. New technologies like WordPress and other Content Management Platforms (CMS) have made it possible that creating a new website that is mobile friendly and looks fantastic is very easy and also very affordable.

2-Pick a domain name for your Spanish language website that is representative of what you sell or practice in Spanish. Example: for you would register the Spanish version of your domain
When your ideal domain name is not available in the Spanish language then consider some alternatives but make sure that the words in the domain make sense. Ask a Spanish speaking person for their opinion if needed.

3-Don’t use cookie and paste quick online translations services online like Google Translate or a WordPress plugin for translating the web page content. Most of the time these translations have so many mistakes that it’s impossible to understand it.

4- Talk to a professional marketing person with experience creating Spanish language content and websites, making sure that your message resonates with Latinos and their culture and traditions.

5-Start a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan for your Spanish language website using popular Spanish key phrases. You can check on Google which phrases are widely used in Spanish when you start typing on Google’s search bar.

Contact Spanish Marketing when you need professional help to develop a website in Spanish or to translate your English web page to Spanish.

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