Why are my Google Ads not getting impressions?

google ads impressions

I get this question a lot from people who are new to Google Ads 🤔.

Let me start by saying that you need to STOP 🛑 searching for your own ads.

I know it’s tempting to keep looking for your ads, but this will damage your campaign.

You will not click on your ad because that would waste your money 💲, and the more your ads show without receiving a click, the more Google will think that your ads are not relevant and lower your Quality Score.

There are many more reasons why your Google Ads are not getting enough impressions:

1️⃣ Google may have realized that you are the account owner and it’s no longer showing the ads to you.

2️⃣ Your Average Cost Per Click is too high in comparison with your daily budget.

3️⃣ You may be bidding too low and are getting outbid by other competitors in your area.

4️⃣ You have negative keywords that are blocking your campaign from getting impressions.

👁️ Eight out of ten times, when I see the problem with a campaign not getting enough impressions, it’s usually due to the budget being too low and the Average cost per click being too high.

Let’s say that you are getting impressions, but you are not getting almost any conversions. This will post the questions: 👇👉

👉 Why is my Google Ads not getting conversions?