Why is my Google Ads not getting conversions? 


Your Google Ads campaign is not getting enough conversions. Let’s see what the cause may be and how to fix it 🤔.

👁️ A conversion is something that you define when you set up your campaign. It may be:

  • Phone call
  • Contact form submission
  • Sale through your e-commerce store
  • Directions to your business
  • A visitor goes to your landing page
  • Any other type of conversion that may apply to your business

Let’s say you go to your conversions tab, and there are very few conversions or no conversions at all. Some reasons may be 👇:

  • The conversions tracking code may not be installed, or it was installed incorrectly.
  • The campaign is targetting customers outside of your geographic area. If you run a local service business and the ads are being shown to people who live very far from your business location, in other cities or states.
  • You are using very generic keywords that are not in line with your campaign objectives.

👁️Here is what I consider the three main pillars for the best functioning of any Google Ads account:

1️⃣ Bottom of the funnel keywords.

2️⃣ Compelling Ad Copy.

3️⃣ A landing page that’s optimized for conversions.

Let’s go a little deeper into these three points:


1️⃣ Bottom of the funnel keywords.

Imagine that you are getting a lot of impressions and a lot of traffic going to your sites, but conversions are low.

This is indicative that something is wrong with your keywords, and you are sending the wrong type of traffic to your website.

Take a deep look into your keywords and make sure you are using what I call the bottom of the funnel keywords. 

Bottom of the funnel keywords will reflect the user’s intent. They will be the keywords and keyphrases used by a potential customer ready to take action: call, purchase, get directions, etc. Not generic keywords from someone who is just doing research.

2️⃣ Compelling Ad Copy.

Imagine that you fixed your keywords issue. If a potential client sees your ad but doesn’t like what they read, they are very likely not going to click on it.

Your ad copy has to inspire, convey trust, have a clear call to action, and take as much real estate as possible by leveraging extensions.

3️⃣ Landing page optimized for conversions.

I particularly don’t like to drive the campaign traffic to the homepage of the website.

I always create a separate landing page that’s fully optimized to get the type of leads I want.

This page must meet each one of the following points:

  • Fast enough so that the potential client doesn’t have to wait for the page to load.
  • Clearly defined call to actions that reflect what’s going to happen next: a phone call, a chat conversation, a contact form, etc.
  • Show images and copy that’s specific and closely related to the ad copy and the key phrases that the visitor was searching for.
  • Show social proof, testimonials, anything that helps with gaining the trust of the potential client.

You will discover that if you fix these issues and have the bottom of the funnel keywords, a compelling ad copy, and an optimized landing page, your conversions will go through the roof.